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Bernard Beasley Played By David Peachy

David Peachey as Bernard Beasley in the Original series.

Bernard was played by David Peachey in the original run from 1997-2001.

In the original run the watch was given to Bernard by a man from the future named "Woz", claiming to be from 2068. He gave Bernard the watch, hoping he would use it to become the overlord known as Oma Bernard in the future.

In the original run Bernard was always dreaming of becoming a king, who would rule over the world. After being introduced to the man known as Woz, who gave him his watch, he was told he would become a king of all time, through the power of the watch and other past users of the watch. Bernard traveled far and wide, defeating monsters which had the prefix of "Another" to claim their abilities for his own.


Bernard was a child who dreamt of one day becoming a king who would rule over everything benevolently, which while a far-fetched dream, would not be as foolish as he thought. On a walk to school, he was interrupted by a man called Woz, who was from the distant year of 2068, bowing before Bernard. After explaining that Bernard would become a king in the future known as "Oma Bernard", who ruled over all with an iron fist and the powers of other users of special watches, Woz offered Bernard a watch on a pillow which he would use to rule. Reluctant at first, Bernard took the watch, and began using it for good, partly to the dismay of Woz, who truly believed in Oma Bernard's might.

After his introduction to his duty, Bernard used the watch to help people, while also fighting other users of similar dark watches, all with the prefix of "Another" to their existing name. The monsters were created by a group known as the "Time-Jackers", a group with the intent to stop Bernard from becoming Oma Bernard by killing him in the past. Gradually, Bernard fought these creatures off, gaining their watch powers as he did so.


Bernard has numerous allies; his parents, his best friend Karen, and of course Woz. Bernard keeps his duties secret to his parents, but opens up with Karen, telling her about his travels and often bringing her along to fight alongside him, which Woz is ambivalent towards. As his most devout follower, Woz and Bernard have an odd relationship, as Bernard often ignores him outright when Woz tells him to use more brutal strategies that Oma Bernard was known for. That isn't to say Bernard hates Woz; he does like having him around and announcing his presence or when Bernard gains a new power.