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This is a list of episodes of the Original series of Bernard's Watch which ran for five short series from 1997-2001. The creator Andrew Norriss wrote a novelization based on some stories in the first three series which was first published in 1999.

Plot Edit

The original series, arguably the best, ran on CITV from 1997-2001. This series told of a young boy called Bernard who was always late, until a postman gave him a "magic watch" which could stop time. He soon found out that the postman had magical powers, and that these watches were given to people who needed them. The rules of him keeping his watch were that he couldn't use it to commit crimes and couldn't be greedy. Every episode focused on Bernard or someone he'd lent the watch to facing a problem or simply doing day-to-day stuff and trying to sort it out, using the watch.

Episode list Edit

Series 1 Edit

  1. Still time
  2. A Bit More Time
  3. Time Out
  4. Time For Everything
  5. Giving Time

Series 2 Edit

  1. Plenty of Time
  2. Story Time
  3. Quality Time
  4. Games Time
  5. Time Travel
  6. Show Time
  7. Time Tables
  8. Gnome Time
  9. Time to Spare
  10. Swim Time
  11. Old Time
  12. Space Time

Series 3 Edit

  1. Present Time
  2. Out of Time
  3. Time and Again
  4. Time to Go Home
  5. Time Share
  6. The Time of Day
  7. Four Four Time
  8. Tee Time
  9. Visiting Time
  10. Borrowed Time
  11. Time Gentleman
  12. Another Time
  13. Ending Time

Series 4 Edit

  1. The Right Time
  2. Time Loop
  3. Wings of Time
  4. Helping Time
  5. Time For a Change
  6. Time For an Ice Cream
  7. Time Slip
  8. Time to Remember
  9. Autograph Time
  10. Ignition Time
  11. Time to Heal
  12. Play Time
  13. Time's Up

Series 5 Edit

  1. Changing Times
  2. A Very Important Time
  3. Police Time
  4. Every Time
  5. Alien Times
  6. Doing Time
  7. Running on Time
  8. A Worrying Time
  9. Pool Time
  10. What's Time For?