Plenty of Time
Series {{{series}}}, Episode 01
Karen on the watch
Air Date 2 October 1998
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Plenty of Time is the first episode of the second series of the original program,Bernard's Watch which was broadcast for the first time on CITV on the 2 October 1998.

Summary Edit

Bernard is always so relaxed when it comes to rushing. Karen had always noticed that in Bernard. Until one day Bernard leaves his magical timepiece on the bench at school. Karen rushes out to hand it to him, and Bernard releases it's gone! As Karen heads towards her house from school she notices that when she clicks the top everyone freezes.

Firstly she stops at Bernards house but as he is out she finds she could keep the watch a little longer! After arriving home and finding her mother in tears she rushes straight to her dad's work. Sadly her dad had no idea it was their wedding anniversary! Finally Karen drops the pocket watch off at Bernards and before ending finishes showing the pocket.