Still time
Series 01, Episode 01
Oh no!
Air Date 14 November 1997
Previous None
Next A Bit More Time

Still time is the first episode of the Original Series of Bernard's Watch which was broadcast for the first time on the 14 November 1997.

Plot summary Edit

This is the first ever episode of Bernards Watch. At the begining it shows Bernard a ordinary kid who was always running out of time. He parents did there best to help him but when Karens birthday arrived he had no clue. And to make matter worse when he arrived (late!) he relised he wasn't wearing any trousers!

Soon later he finds out he has forgotten Karens Birthday present as well. He makes a quick dash home only to find his parents are out and he has to ask his neighbour for the key. A while later he is almost at the party when a lorry drives past and soaks him in mud. Bernard gets really down in the dumps until a strange man gives him a parcel. Containing a pocket watch! A pocket watch that can stop time!

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