Swim Time
Series 2, Episode 10
Air Date 4 December 1998
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Swim Time is the tenth episode of series two of the original series of Bernard's Watch Television program. This episode was first broadcast on 23 October 1998.

Summary Edit

Karen is in trouble at the swimming pool when she loses the key to her locker trapping the watch inside. The pool attendant is reluctant to open the locker for her although she promised her mother on her honour that she would not be late to meet her. While the attendant went off to his tea break Karen borrows his master key, to every locker which he left behind, but she finds her locker empty. The attendant is about to deposit a yellow Walkman into a locker but leaves when he finds he does not have the key. Karen opens the locker and finds a bag with stolen goods from other lockers and decides to tell Mr Hill the manager using a game station as evidence. However Ryan the attendant sees her and tries to frame her by getting to Mr Hill first. The manager tells Ryan to call the police and Karen tries to explain about the stolen goods but when she tries to show Mr Hill the locker they find it is now empty. Karen's friend Claire finds the missing key and it turns out Karen misremembered her locker number as 110 instead of 101. The manager orders Karen to get changed and while in the cubicle she stops time and finds both the attendant and the policeman, who was called about the robberies. Karen tells the policeman Ryan was the one he needed to see. The attendant runs to the top of the flume when the policeman falls down after being pushed by Karen. She then traps Ryan in a tennis net where the policeman catches him. Karen returns to the cubicle, with Mr Hill still outside, and the policeman comes in with Ryan who has admitted the robberies. Mr Hill is about to apologise to Karen when her mother comes in and scolds her for being late.