lucy's first encounter with the postman

Time Loop is an episode of the Original Series of Bernard's Watch,

Summary Edit

When Bernard's cousin, Lucy, comes to stay, she is amazed at how quickly bernard seems to handle a problem. Unknown to her, the reason Bernard responds quickly to a problem is because he is stopping time with his watch! After he fixes her broken curtains, Lucy decides to thank Bernard with some flowers, as she goes into his room she happens upon the watch and accidently puts herself into a time loop! after being rescued and lectured by the postman, Lucy stops time (without knowing it) and goes to tell her aunt about the strange man who appeared in Bernard's bedroom only to find there's something odd with Mrs.Beasley, Mr.Beasley and in fact the entire street!

When she asks the postman, she finally realises just how Bernard was able to respond to a problem and decides to do some of her own helping by freezing Mr.Beasley in order to help look for his things and by freezing Mrs.Beasley so she can clear a space on the kitchen counter for a casserole. when Bernard gets home she asks about the watch and Bernard explains everything and says she can borrow it.